The Kindred have their own dialect of specialized words and phrases. Vampires have a tremendous capacity for double-talk; what they say often means something other than or in addition to its literal interpretation. Certain words have evolved new connotations among the Damned, while others are unique to vampires and their society. The Kindred, set in their ways as they are, are loath to adopt new manners of speech or slang, and one can often determine a rough estimation of a vampire’s age by listening to the individual words she chooses.

Common Parlance

These words are in common use among all echelons of Kindred society.
Anarch: Any Kindred rebel who opposes the tyranny of elders.
Anarch Movement, The: כרגע אין תנועה אנרכית כמו שיש במאה ה21. אבל עדיין יש אנרכיסטים
Barrens, The: The areas of a city unfit for life, including graveyards, abandoned buildings, industrial wastelands, and areas of irreversible urban blight.
Becoming, The: The moment one passes from being a fledgling into “full” vampire status as a neonate. In the Camarilla, one may not Become until her sire deems her ready and gains the Prince’s approval.
Book of Nod, The: A collection of Kindred legend and history.
Beast, The: The inchoate drives and urges that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster.
Blood: A vampire’s heritage; that which makes a vampire a vampire. Usage: I doubt her claims to such esteemed Blood.
Blood Bond: A mystical power over another individual engendered by partaking of a particular vampire’s blood thrice; accepting blood from a vampire is an acknowledgment of her mastery.
bloodline: 1) A vampire’s heritage (see lineage). 2) A pedigree of vampires similar to a Clan, but that cannot trace their creation back to one of the Third Generation.
Caitiff: A vampire of unknown Clan, or of no Clan at all. Caitiff are typically of high Generation, where Caine’s blood is too diluted to pass on any consistent characteristics.
Camarilla, The: A Sect of vampires devoted primarily to maintaining the Traditions, particularly that of the Masquerade.
childe: A vampire created through the Embrace — the childe is the progeny of her sire. This term is often used derogatorily, indicating inexperience. Plural childer.
Clan: A group of vampires who share common characteristics passed on by the blood. There are 13 known Clans, all of which were reputedly founded by members of the Third Generation.
coterie: A small group of Kindred, united by the need for support and sometimes common interests. In the Sabbat, coteries are called “packs.”
diablerie: The consumption of another Kindred’s blood, to the point of the victim’s Final Death. Vampires may lower their Generation permanently through this abhorrent practice. Considered a crime worthy of banishment or final death in the Camarilla.
domain: The area of a particular vampire’s influence. Princes claim entire cities as their domains, sometimes allowing lesser vampires to claim domain within.
elder: A vampire who has experienced at least two or more centuries of unlife. Elders are the most active participants in the Jyhad.
Elysium: A place where vampires may gather without fear of harm (although some Sects, such as the Sabbat, respect Elysium less than the Camarilla does). Elysium is commonly established in opera houses, theaters, museums, and other locations of culture.
Embrace, The: The act of transforming a mortal into a vampire. The Embrace requires the vampire to drain her victim and then replace that victim’s blood with a bit of her own.
Final Death, The: When a vampire ceases to exist, crossing the line from undeath into death.
fief: A sarcastic term for a vampire’s domain or claim thereof, most commonly used in reference to a Prince. In Britain, there were 16 fiefs that together formed the Court of Avalon, that controlled all Britain’s Kindred and were under Mithras’ authority.
fledgling: A newly created vampire, still under her sire’s protection.
Gehenna: The rumored Armageddon when the Antediluvians will rise from their torpor and devour the race of vampires and the world.
Generation: The number of “steps” between a vampire and the mythical Caine; how far descended from the First Vampire a given vampire is.
Ghoul: A minion created by giving a bit of vampiric vitae to a mortal without draining her of blood first (which would create a vampire instead).
haven: A vampire’s “home”; where she finds sanctuary from the sun.
Hunger, The: The urge to feed. For vampires, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call.
Inconnu: A Sect of vampires who have removed themselves from Kindred concerns and, largely, the Jyhad. Many Methuselahs are rumored to exist among the Inconnu.
Jyhad, The: The secret, self-destructive war waged between the Generations. Elder vampires manipulate their lessers, using them as pawns in a terrible game whose rules defy comprehension.
Kindred: The race of vampires as a whole, or a single vampire. According to rumor, this term came about in the 15th or 16th century, after the Great Anarch Revolt. Sabbat vampires scorn the term, preferring the word “Cainite” instead.
Kiss, The: To drink blood, especially from a mortal. The Kiss causes feelings of ecstasy in those who receive it.
Lupine: A werewolf, the natural and mortal enemy of the vampire race. Plural Lupines.
Lush: A vampire who typically feeds from drugged or drunk mortals in order to experience their inebriation.
Life, The: A euphemism for mortal blood. Many Kindred regard this term as affected and effete.
Man, The: The mote of humanity that a vampire maintains; the spark of mortality that distinguishes him from the Beast.
Masquerade, The: The habit (or Tradition) of hiding the existence of vampires from humanity. Designed to protect vampires from destruction at the hands of mankind, the Masquerade was adopted after the Inquisition claimed many Kindred unlives. (בעברית: המסכה או נשף המסכות).
Prince: A vampire who has claimed a given expanse of domain as her own, generally a city, and supports that claim against all others. The term can refer to a Kindred of either sex. In the Sabbat, this Cainite is called the “Archbishop”.
Rogue: A vampire who feeds upon the vitae of other Cainites, out of necessity or depravity.
Sabbat, The: A Sect of vampires that rejects humanity, embracing their monstrous natures. The Sabbat is bestial and violent, preferring to lord over mortals
rather than hide from them.
Sect: A group of vampires arguably united under a common philosophy. The two most widely known Sects currently populating the night are the Camarilla,
the Sabbat.
sire: A vampire’s “parent”; the Kindred who created her. (בעברית יוצר).
vessel: A source of vitae for sustenance or pleasure, primarily mortal.

Old Form

The elders typically use these turns of phrase, which
have existed since long before the modern nights.
Amaranth: The act of consuming another Kindred’s blood, q.v. diablerie.
ancilla: A “proven” vampire, between the elders and the neonates. Plural ancillae. (Pronounced an-Sill-uh).
Antediluvian: A member of the dreaded Third Generation, one of the eldest Kindred in existence.
antitribu: An “anti-Clan,” or one who has turned her back on the Sect that her Clan has founded (usually by joining the Sabbat). Some antitribu have evolved into new bloodlines.
Autarkis: A Kindred who remains outside the larger vampire society of a given city and often refuses to acknowledge the claim of a Prince or Archbishop.
blood oath: See blood bond.
Cainite: A vampire; a member of the race of Caine. (בעברית קיני).
Canaille: The bovine masses of humanity, especially the uncultured and unsavory. The Canaille are viewed primarily as a source of sustenance.
Cauchemar: A vampire who feeds exclusively on sleeping victims.
consanguineous: Literally, “of the same blood,” generally denotes lineage.
Cunctator: A vampire who avoids killing when delivering the Kiss; one who takes so little blood as to avoid bringing about her prey’s death.
domitor: A ghoul’s master; one who feeds her blood and issues her commands.
Footpad: One who feeds from derelicts and other chaff of society. Footpads may not maintain permanent havens.
Gentry: A Kindred who preys at nightclubs, bars, and other establishments of the “red-light district.”
Golconda: A fabled state of vampiric transcendence; the true mastery of the Beast and balance of opposing urges and principles. Rumored to be similar to mortal nirvana, Golconda is greatly touted but rarely achieved.
Humanitas: The extent to which a Kindred still maintains her humanity.
kine: A term for mortals, largely contemptuous. The phrase “Kindred and kine” refers to the world at large; everything.
Leech: A human who drinks vampire blood, yet acknowledges no master.
Lextalionis: The code of the Kindred and the system for punishing transgression; the blood hunt. It suggests Hammurabian or Biblical justice — an eye for an eye, and punishment in keeping with the grievance.
lineage: A vampire’s bloodline; the Kindred’s sire, sire’s sire, etc.
Methuselah: A vampire who has existed for a millennium or more; an elder who no longer participates in Kindred society. Methuselahs are rumored to hail from the Fourth and Fifth Generations.
neonate: A young Kindred, recently Embraced.
Papillon: The red-light district; the area of town punctuated by drinking establishments, brothels, gambling houses, and other locales of ill repute. The prime hunting grounds of a city, where the disappearance of mortals goes hand in hand with the area’s general
progeny: All of a given vampire’s childer, collectively.
praxis: The right of Princes to govern; the Prince’s claim to domain. This term also refers to the Prince’s matters of policy and individual edicts and motions.
regnant: A Kindred who holds a blood bond over another.
retainer: A human who serves a vampiric master. This term is almost archaic, referring to a time when vampires kept vast entourages of mortal servants as part of their estates.
Siren: A vampire who seduces mortals in order to drink from them, and then only takes a small quantity of blood, so as to avoid killing them.
Suspire: The rumored epiphany experienced just prior to the attainment of Golconda.
Third Mortal, The: Caine, who was cast out and became the First Vampire.
thrall: A vampire under the effects of a blood bond, having drunk another Kindred’s blood thrice.
vitae: Blood.
whelp: A derogatory term for a young Kindred, originally used with exclusive reference to one’s own progeny.
Wight: Human; man; a mortal.
Witch-hunter: A mortal who searches out and destroys vampires.
Whig: A contemptuous term for a vampire who possesses an interest in mortal trends and fashions.

Victorian British Lexicon

£1Pound Sterling (20 Shilliings). British people just say “a pound” instead.
1d – 1 Penny (4 farthings)
2d – tuppence (two pennies)
6d – sixpence (six pennies)
Autumn – Fall
Barmy – crazy (slang)
Biscuit – cookie
Bob – shilling (slang)
Bobby – a policeman (slang)
Bum – butt (slang)
City, The – The old Roman and Medieval city of London, now it’s financial district.
Corporation – city government
East End – the areas of London east of The City, notably Whitechapel and Shadwell
Europe – the European main land. British people regard themselves as distinct from Europe.
Farthing – smallest coin in circulation.
Fag – cigarette (slang)
Gaol – jail
Gobsmacked – amazed (slang)
Kip – sleep (slang)
Kipper – smoked herring
Knock up – wake up
MP – Member of Parliament
Nosh – food
Pants – shorts
Peeler – a policeman (slang, like bobby)
PM – Prime Minister
Post – mail
Quid – Pound Serling (slang)
Shilling – 12 pence
Sitting room – living room (also drawing room)
Square Mile – The City, the financial district
Sweets – candy
Waistcoat – vest
Wonky – broken/wobbly


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